Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Day 1 in Argentina!

Oh man we were dragging!
The overnight flight was brutal and as much as we were happy to find warm weather (high 80...30c) we dragged all day long in this beautiful city!
We felt like we were in Spain.....like Barcelona!
The city is vibrant with a lot of good looking peole sharply dressed!....like Europe!
Cost of leaving is great but not as cheap as we were hoping for....steack diner in a cafe is only 15/20 dollars.

Luca is already famous in Argentina

If people are dancing Tango in the street it must be Argentina!...

Very nice Buenos Aires Harbor...so modern we could be anywhere.....Montreal or cape Town looks the same!

This guy has been touring the world for 10 years on his bike! made us feel like amateurs!

Alec discovering Empenadas..

Our 2 boys feeling at home in an airplane.........feels like home in this triple 7!

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