Friday, April 2, 2010

We love LIMA (Peru)

After 20 hours of travel between Mendoza and Peru we arrived in Lima at 2 in the morning!
We felt tired but right away we got seduced by this great city!
A quick night later we were on our feet to discover the greater Lima Area!
Whaow,we don't remember being so much impressed by a city in a long time!
A combination of Miami and Santa Monica with all the Latino flair made Lima a tough one to beat!
When you add, great people and lovely weather (high 80's) and a bit of June gloom to cool us down it is perfection!
For some reasons we had NO expectation about Lima! Within hours, we were trying to extend our stay (Thanks to airline rules..... unsuccessfully!).
The coastal area (San Ididro and Miraflores) is world class with high tech building at every corner and an elegance at the highest level while the downtown area with it's palace and churches reeks old world and history!
Food is great and for some reason ..spicy unlike Argentina!
The beginning of our Peruvian trip is fantastic and we can't wait for more!
Tomorrow morning, wake up at 5am and travelling for Amazonia where we will be spending the next couple days powerless in the Jungle!

Local surfer

Downtown Lima


Around the beach in Miraflores

La Jolla, Malibu or.......Lima?

Peruvian lady at work! (click to expand!)

Luca countng passenger at the airport

our best imitation of the statue of love overlooking the Pacific Ocean!

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