Friday, April 16, 2010

Last day in Bolivia and travelling back to Buenos Aires

We had fun our last day in Bolivia!
We went to the valley of the moon outside La paz (some very spectacular local "badlands" where we hiked for a while!
Then we found a giant concrete slide that the kids used for an hour!
Finally, we were back in La Paz and check the presidential Palace and other part of downtown!
Next day we were up at 4am to catch couple flights and spent the day travelling back to Argentina!
Good long day on the road but it felt strange to be back in "so civilized" Buenos Aires!
We are back in our apparment downtown for few days of relaxation after many exciting and tiring weeks!
The weather is cooler (70) and the town bustling as always!

Unbelievable view of the Andes from the plane...barely above the mountains

View from our Hotel in Buenos aires

Presidential Palace in La Paz

Kids slidding in Bolivia

Valley of the moon in Bol;ivia

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