Saturday, April 10, 2010

Titikaka and Taquile island!

Last day in Peru and another great one!
Peru has been the best surprise of our South American trip! Such a rich country with so much to see...
We had our usual wake up at sunrise and on the lake Titikaka we went!
First we visited the floating islands where the locals have not changed much in 1000 years!
So nice and friendly with a unique lifestyle!
Then we went on our boat (7 hours of boating today) to Taquile island in the middle of lake!
Titikaka was in our mind the size of lake Tahoe but we were very wrong!It is 100 miles long and 30 wide....a very big lake!
Taquile Island is 20 miles from the shore and could be called a paradise in many way!
2000 people leave there in perfect harmony in one of the best eco system.
Fresh water spring everywhere a cristal clean lake almost completely self sustained in a Mediteranean climate(no freeze ever).
No locks,no crime no dogs on island!(dogs are only considered as an alarm system around here)
We even lucked out since it was the last day of Easter celebration with local dances all day!

Best of all the weather was perfect all day long and Altitude sickness is gone finally!

Tomorrow, En route for Bolivia where we will try to rest for few days before going back to Buenos Aires!

Sunrise on Titikaka lake

Luca with little localon Taquile Island (little diablo!)

local girl climbing pole!

big party on the island to celebrate the end of Easter

Taquile island looks so mediteranean

Us basking in the sun (plenty of it!)


Kitchen in floating island

Alec with couple locals

floating island

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