Sunday, April 4, 2010

Refugio Amazonia!

What a couple days it was!
Where do we start,
5 am wake call in Lima for a Flight at 8 Am to Puerto Maldonado, arrived at 11 then off road bussing for one hour to river then 4 hours on a boat going upstream and finally arriving at refugio Amazonia after a 20minutes hike in Jungle for a total of 12 hours travelling without a dull moment!
We were greated by great staff at lodge, met with few tourist that became instant friends as always!
The place was unreal, an ECO lodge with cold shower mosquito nets and satellite internet for 2 hours a day!

We had a great meal then went for a night run in the was like being in Avatar....(almost LOL)
We slept like kings and quwwn in our open air room listening to monkeys and other wildlife!
Morning wake up call was at 5am again....breakfast then a 6 h trek in the jungle that finished with a drenching (rain forest)!
We decided to relax and enjoy the lodge for the rest of day and wait for our internet time!
Tomorrow we have a situation, Peru's gold miners are going on a strike and we have to bail out at 4 am to get back to airport before situation gets bad.....
stay tuned

We got drenched!

Our Lodge

They call that a sexy tree.....go figure

our room

our lunch

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