Thursday, April 8, 2010

Machu Picchu, the land of 10000 steps

Trip to Machu Picchu may have been the highlight of our South American Trip!
We were literally blown away by the beauty and spiritual presence of this site!
Journey started at 4 am(as usual in Peru) and then we went for a 5 hours of bus,walk,bus train walk to MP! Just the journey in itself could have been enough!
We went to 15000 feet down to 8000 then follow a river that was so powerful and witness some really unbelievable mountain sceneries (the best we have seen so far in our life)
How lucky were we by the way…MP just reopens last week after 2 month of closure due to massive landslide!
One word to all of you…”GO” before it is too late!
MP is located in such treacherous that I believe it will not be long before it can not be accessed!
Finally by 9 am we were there and the shock of seeing and understanding this magic city can not be put in word!
We wandered aroung with our guide all morning, had lunch and then went for the best part of the day:
Climbing Wahapicchu!
1000 feet tall, overlooking MP, 3500 steps (one way)and almost a vertical stairway!
Took us an hour to get to the top and more to come down since it was quite dangerous!
Luca was definitely the youngest of the day a( may be youngest ever) to climb this mountain and became an instant “rockstar” with other climbers!
The view was great but the climb was so much better!
We ended the day by going down to MP then back to the base camp (Agua Calientes) by foot adding up few more thousands of steps for a total of at least 10000!and 8 hours trekking!
Our legs still feel it!
Had a great night in a fabulous hotel at base camp (could not have been better in South beach!)
Today was tracking backward to Cusco before getting ready for our next adventure…Lake Titicaca!

unbelievable scenery

Yes we climbed this mountain

Let'go. the river is only 7000 steps away and 4 hours!

Last picture of Alec

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