Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Enjoying our Argentinian life and going to the beach!

Greetings from BA where our life has been slowing down a bit.... fortunately!
We are having a great time enjoying the NYC of South America!
We have a small apparment hotel in one of the busiest street in BA and sleep in everyday , have casual dinners at 10pm like real locals and enjoy people watching from our neighborhood "cafe" on the side walk!
Yesterday we rented a car and went to the beach on the Atlantic coast!
It was a long drive (500 miles RT) but well worth it!
The little town of Pinamar was a great surprise and a lovely beach town! Kind of a mix of Florida and french "Landes"!
The real estate was unreal! Neiborhood filled with high teck villas and the best lifestyle we have seen so far in South A! Could live there in a second....real cool and safe!
Tomorrow we will have a BBQ with a friend and then we will be back in Florida this week end for a 2 weeks regrouping!
Time is flying again!

We want this House in Pinamar

Great houses everywhere

Atlantic coast

Pinamar beach!

the boys and the CHE

Waiting for steack sandwich

Invisible man

Luca enjoying breakfast from our balcony!

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