Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Cusco and altitude sickness!

Thanks to a shorter trip in the jungle due to political unrest we arrived in Cusco half a day earlier!
Cusco is the capital of Inca land and is a very attractive colonial city built in the 1500 by the Spanish on Inca foundation!
One particularity of Cusco is its altitude (over 10000 feet) and the risk of altitude sickness is very high!
Everybody was worried about it but me…….and I am the only one that got sick!
And sick I was! First day with fever, nausea etc….not fun at all!
Fortunately, after getting some oxygen, coca tea and other medicine I am getting better!
We hired a guide and discover the incredible history of Cuzco which was the “Mecca” for Inca nation before the Spanish invaders ruined it for everybody but themselves!
We saw some unbelievable archeological sites and Inca ruins!
Then we went to the local market and realized that the locals are really eating everything!(not a place for vegetarians)
Tomorrow, we will wake up again at 4am for our journey to Machupichu!

Luca Inca

Inca ruins

family with new pet

Inca temple

Cusco main plaza

Luca trying to smile in front of couple pig's heads!

We don't even want to know what this stuff was

bussing in the jungle

Make's me feel old!

Kids sleeping in boat at 5am!

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