Tuesday, August 4, 2009

West coast of Australia

The fist part of our Australian trip with Aussie pop was great!
Warm days cool nights kind of like being in the American desert in Winter.
We are starting to realize the distance we are going to encounter...may have been extending myself on this one. Carol has been starting the home schooling using the long driving time and the RV turned into a class room!
The mood is good and the kids responded well!
Maybe they will be in the next grade by Christmas!
Little disappointment on the Australian crowd since all the kids are at school and young people at work!
Every night is spent in campgrounds filled up with some "crusty" old Australian retirees!
We have loved every aspect of Australia despite a cost of living more expensive than US and services way limited compare to home.....we are really spoiled in USA for so many things!...... and liking it!
The scenery is great and kind of Central California like turning into Baja Mexico....Sadly we always have to compare to something we know!
tomorrow we will start the longer strech with more than 300 miles a day...more school

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