Sunday, August 9, 2009

Going North West on Australia Coast

luca practing freestyle
mom and luca having fun in Denham

aunt nest...pretty big and everywhere in australia

our view from camp site

overcrowded beach

First Note to self
Business idea, lets open some internet cafe in Austalia that do not close onweek end and internet service in campgrounds that do not cost more than the stay.......frustating
Anyway great week, very warm and sunny and very busy travel wise.
we stayed a couple Roadhouse or stayed at improvised camground on the road side!
Always comfortable and always feeling safe
We stayed the last 2 days around the Broome area at a fantastic location named Barn hills. A campground like no others!
On a cliff overlooking the indian ocean with miles of spectacular beach available to us!
we had the best time, got a lot of sun and walks on the beach!the only down side was a treacherous dirt road to access paradise.
Since the water was infested with dangerous saltwater crocodiles ,Alec and I went swimming in our birthday suits hoping to scare them worked!
Today is Sunday , Broome is so quiet that it is scary....we are spending time in the only internet cafe open filled with smelly travellers....oh joy
tomororrw we are heading for the northern territory... comunication will be quiet again.

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