Thursday, August 13, 2009

From Broome to Katherine

Another 1600k (1000 miles) leg filled up with very little!
Finally we got to see our first Croc crossing the Fitzroy River and we entered the Kimberleys.  A local Australian told us few days ago to brace ourselves for the Kimberleys...... "it was magical"
Nice it is ...... but not compared to a quarter of Utah......Our Australian buddies would have a heart attack if they were to drive from Las Vegas to Denver!
We have it so good in the US for natural beauty...quite unbelievable actually!
Don't take us wrong we are enjoying our time dearly in Australia but sometimes the enthusiasm displayed by the friendly locals makes us smile since we know other places.....
One of our stops was in Kununerra where we got to witness something quite surreal.....literally a million of bats darkening up the sky at sunset flying over the town!
Needless to say we did not  know what to get ready for the next day..
Katherine :city under siege!
Here we are in Katherine Northern Territory for a day off!
Wrong place we chose!
Katherine, beside of being a local Aborigine town and we will spare you a sad chapter about this (very similar situation as we have in some of our Indian reservations actually) is under attack!
A reported 3.5 million bats don't fly over the town nightly but instead move in at dark and drop their S..t everywhere! first we thought it was raining but quickly realized it was NOT....(maybe good for hair growth!)
Anyway , we are chilling in a cool Cafe in Katherine ( a contemporary cafe that would not be out of place in Miami Beach)
All good, tomorrow we will move toward Darwin via Kakadu national park, we should see some beautiful stuff around there.
Kununerra from Carol's point of view was a paradise.  The pool was set in the middle of a beautiful bowling green surrounded by skinny palm trees and plumeria trees.  Luca and I swam in the ICY cold pool which was a great attitude adjustment after a day of driving.  The pools here are definitely not Florida temperature and nobody seems to mind. 
We saw the most incredible perrier bottle shaped tree called the Boab tree (pronounced like Moab, UT).  The one we saw was about 2000 years old.  It is indiginous to Western Australia and the Northern territory.  You need to google this!! 
We were treated to our first upclose view of a crocodile.  It was only about 4 feet long but got spooked when we approached and it jumped a couple of feet out of the water and sent us running!! 
The bats were the most amazing sight passing over the town.  If you haven't read "Stellaluna" you would definitely be creeped out!! 

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