Monday, August 17, 2009

Darwin and going south

We got back our tropical life in Darwin and loved it!
Spent 3 nights there and enjoyed every minutes of it!.First went to downtown and visited the main active street (Mitchell street) then went to the open house of the governor's mansion and finish the day at the harbor ( another great Australian urbanism success!
And as a promise we took the kids to a local  steak house.The boys did not have much meat in their system for couple weeks and watching them eat meat reminded us that we were not vegetarian!
Next day we went for the botanical garden to smell roses and to check local vegetation. It was very interesting even though we had trouble keeping the kids attention!
Then final evening was at Mindyil Beach ,home of the famous local sunset market... 
We had Japanese food, crepes and Banana splits.....all good combos!
First stop today was at the biggest motorcycle shop in Darwin, the boys were drooling and Carol was enjoying herself.....I was the one that had to extract everybody..........go figure!
Quick lunch stop at Adelaide river and we got early to destination Edith Falls!
What a paradise it is, directly out of "crocodile Dundee !
Different than Florence falls and this time we were not greeted by a Taipan (very dangerous snake) leaving the pool when we got there!
We swam in a big lake (only fresh water crocodiles in this one and the Aussies do not seems much worried about them!
The water was crystal clear and cool....we had a blast!
Trying to push forward our biggest leg to Brisbane but within 24 h we will have the big days coming up..Brisbane is 3000km away and we have to get there by end of week....(2000 miles)

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