Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Gold coast and Surfers Paradise

Quite a difference of pace !
The last couple days we have experienced more people than the 4 weeks before.
With few millions people between Brisbane and Surfers PAradise area we are now in a different World.
The drive from Hervay Bay to Kirra beach (our base camp) was fine on 2 lanes and sometimes 4 and 6 lanes highway.
Luckily we have the warmest winter week on record and winter is just a word when you have 90 degrees (30).
Surfers Paradise is a combination of Miami Beach and California....definitely not a bad combo!
Real estate is spectacular and everything is available as any modern town.....
We really like it around here and so far it would be our favorite place if we had to move down under (BUt we keep a seet spot for Manly beach where Carol and I stayed 15 years ago...)
Today we will cross the border to New South Wales and stay at friends untill end of week, then we need to be in Sydney by Monday to let Aussie pop go.....
Carol and Luca at the beach
Surfers Paradise

Main drag in SP....the trees are beautifull

Australian biker in SP....different...Puma shoes , baggy pants .....helmets....go figure..

Public Bussing around the gold coast....our second favorite form of of transportation

Surfers paradise building.......very Miami Beach

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