Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Cool Fraser Island pictures

Fraser island was for sure the highlight of the week!
The biggest Sand Island in the world and a 4 wheels drive haven....actually if you do not have a 4x4 you are NOT allowed on the island! They should even specify " experience driver!"
Very challenging deep sand trail in rain forest , dunes ,nearby fresh water lake and unbelievable ride on the beach (kind of like home in Florida but with nobody and no speed limit.....It was fun to go 100k (60mph) on the sand.
It was very demanding (and expensive) to get there (wake up at 5am, rental 4x4, training, ferry)but worth the time and money...a must do if you are around the sunshine coast in Australia Luca in front of a ship wreck (boat has been there 70 years)
Parked on the beach with an airplane on right corner.... private planes are allowed to land as well

Boys looking at rusty holes

shipwreck and landcruiser

the boss!

A monkey in an exotic tree

US at Mc kenzie beach.....a nice french guy took the picture (a lot of french in Australia and like the Australians they think i am .....American..(funny)

this one was an easy trail

A Luca Moment...bouncing on daddy's leg

the ferry that took us to Frazer Island

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