Saturday, August 22, 2009

Katherine to Ocean Pacific

Good week for schooling!
the kids had to work hard every day since we drove and drove and drove!
It was like crossing the US and feeling like you were in Nevada or Texas all the way!
That said it was not that bad! the good ship "Aussie pop" worked good swallowing 15 liters per 100k (15mpg) at up to $ 7 a gallon.....make you appreciate home for sure!
We had about 1000k straight down south and 2000km  east and a lot of potholes (1 Australian told me weeks ago that our roads in the US were better than Australia....I now believe was rock and rolls for hours some time.
We are starting to miss our "roadhouses" and the quietness that goes with it! It is always strange to come back to civilization...we quickly miss the emptiness and the lack of traffic.
We started to digest the distance we digested and all we seen and we are already feeling like the end of this chapter.
Now a little joke I created during my countless hours of driving....and boredom
Promise it will be the only one!
"Australia on the cheap"
(For our friends leaving in the Southwest of US only!)
Go one evening at Outback Steakhouse, drink a lot of beer (Foster) repeat, drink a lot of beer ,Get drunk!(bring a 6pack for road)
Then go to your local Zoo and steal a Kangaroo.....any size will work!
Drive carefully (you could still be drunk!) to most barren piece of desert nearby!
Wait for sunrise, open a can of Foster and let the kangaroo go,
Smile, in few hours you have seen as much as we have seen in couple weeks.....and saved a ton of money!

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