Sunday, December 13, 2009

More Pictures of Morroco

Maman and 2 boys finally met us after being delayed 1 day in Geneva due to a cancelled flight!
We have been discovering since!

Sharing a bridge with locals over the Ourika river

Camel riding

Everybody looks happy

Safran smelling at the farm.....Safran is rare and expensive!

Local pastries are among the best in he world...our opinion!

enjoying the Riad!

Wild fruits in the mountains

Look behind the boys in the table everywhere!

Carol in front of the main square ready to drive thru

Dodging locals in the much fun doing what is unthinkable outside of emerging countries

could not resist , we had to rent a scooter and tour the freeways of Marrackech


  1. i can only imagine.....great pics.....i feel like im on scooter right behind you beeping horn at you...

  2. Look at Carol posing for pic on log bridge causing serious traffic jam! did you make people fall Carol?