Thursday, December 31, 2009

End of year in Europe (Bye 2009)

The entire P team from 7 to 95 wishes you an Happy New Year!

Slowly but surely the 2009 year is creeping out!
For us, this year will be a year to remenber since half of our wonderful trip took place since June!
That said,the last 2 weeks were very exciting as well!
Great time with family and friends, went to Spain and Switzerland for a couple of business meetings then went to Switzerland again to ski with dear friends Jean Claude and Pascal, then stopped in Geneva to visit our friend Daniel before stopping in La Cluzaz to visit family and friends (thank you Marie Claude and Jean Pierre)
Carol and I did our mountain get-away since the kids stayed home in France with Mamie Michele!(the kids were also experiencing a slight case of flu and did not feel too well)
Tonight we will take it easy once again enjoying delicious French food made by Mum!

Afer consuming 1 ton of Nutella the kids got a free hat!
the chocolate may wire them a bit.....

Jean Claude and Colette's Chalet in the Diableret Switzerland....
A genuine piece of art!

Jean Claude, Pascal and Carol ready to attack the slopes

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  1. what a great photo of the entire P team! Everyone is looking good! Happy New Year to you guys..