Thursday, December 10, 2009

Carol on Morocco………

Carol on Morocco………
We’ve all been asked numerous times which country is our favorite. Well, I can never say because I have loved all of them. Thailand and Vietnam are really high on the list, but Mongolia was so fascinating! But if I had to choose it would be Morocco. After only a day I felt so completely taken by this place! We are in a Riad (guest house) right in the middle of a Souk which is in the middle of a Medina in Marrakech. Time seems to have stood still here. It is so stimulating in every way and appeals to all senses. There are donkey carts hauling loads of mint, men in cloaks selling their wares, veiled women out working the souk or socializing with friends, there are young children zipping around on their bicycles. Its very lively and awakens all of your senses. I am so taken by the colors of the spice market and the beautiful hand embroidered dresses and scarves. This place is a feast for the eyes! The cuisine is tantalizing. Everywhere you can find the most amazing tagines and cous cous platters spiced with saffron, cumin and paprika and other spices we intend to discover! You can smell the spice and olives as you walk by the merchants who are very kind about educating you on all of the flavors. There seems to be a natural cure for everything! Sweetened Mint tea is the drink of choice here and it is truly a treat!! This place inspires me and if I was an artist, I would definitely live here! Like Eric, I also had the Hammam experience. He describes it so well! The funniest part for me is that the minute I walked in, the girl threw a huge bucket of water on me. It was so harsh but so funny!! A great experience.
Tomorrow, Eric’s mama and the kids join us for this great experience!!

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