Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Last pictures from Morroco!

We went to Issaouirra for an Ocean experience, had great seafood and a bit of rain!
Then friends Rodolphe,Sofia and kids and Mickael showed up and we had more great time and food with friends.....and a thrilling last scooter ride in the Souks.....
Tonight final diner with our host Christine and Aziz who have been treating us like family....we had such a good time in a beautiful place!
Tomorrow Wednesday we will go back to Europe for couple weeks of family time in France before returning to US early January!(for couple weeks)

Luca and Aziz playing videogames

Luca has finally found the right size Nutella can!

Fresh lunch at the ocean

Issaouirra in the mist

Fort in Issaouirra

Argan oil goat!they climb the tree, eat the argan fruits (like olives) spit the seed.......and the oil is made out of the seed......tricky!

Eating at the outdoor market

Alec riding bike at midnight in the street of Marrakech

Diner at Rodolphe's Riad with our friends

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  1. What are we drinking? is this Michelle with shot? please...I would like to try!