Thursday, December 10, 2009

Eric’s Hammam! Scarier than diving with sharks…(no pictures on this one..Fortunately)

I Don’t know how this happened without thinking about it twice, but ,
I ended up alone in a semi seedy Hammam (Moroccan Massage parlor and steam bath).
My friendly 200 pound bath attendant invited me in the changing room and asked me to get in my swimming suit (meaning Speedo around here)!
Fortunately I had bought one a few days earlier since most Euro swimming pools do not allow surfing trunks for health reasons?????
While I was getting ready I was not without noticing that my bath guy was removing his clothes as well!
That said, we ended up face to face, me in my black speedo , him in his blue one!
First step was the shower where he supplied me a bunch of soap and even washed my hair!
Then things got serious, he asked me to lay down in the wash room and covered me with a pasty soap! He then proceeded to cook me up in the steam room!
Once I got drenched with sweat (the room was over 100 degrees) he came back with a second coating of soap! Another 10 minutes steaming while we talked about what guys in a steam room talk about….Girls and kids.
Out of the steam room he threw buckets of water at me to rinse me up and covered me with argyle this time, kind of like a mud fight!........Easy Speedo boy…easy!!!!!
More sweating in the steam room then the buckets again then the torture with a “sand Paper” like glove to clean up skin and remove the old one…. (exfoliating!)
This was amazing how much dead skin he removes, kind of gross too!
Back to the shower where he asked me to remove my swimsuit and here we went again for wash hair etc…….at that point I was docile and submissive….
He dried me up with a large towel and got me in the massage room, mint tea to relax then applied rose water on my face !
He dimmed the light, made me lay down on my stomach and started the massage with some exotic oil!
Here I was in a dark room in my birth suit listening to Mullahs calling people to prayer ( outside…..)
The massage went great and I was then released to the real world… fun was that!
Definitely not for everyone but sometime it is great to do things without knowing or thinking about it!

PS: this is a real story...........nothing but the truth!


  1. Are you sure you went to a Hamman for Men... or was it normally for women ? I know why you were sweating..not even from the heat..

  2. i just pissed my pants laughing uncontrollably! oh boy! cant stop laughing! haha thats a classic! you are trooper!!! way to go, and yes some of the best stories in life sound like lies but, we know there true!

  3. as i read over and over and over this report you give about the experience you "shared" with attendant at Hammam....I believe i can read between the lines and have determined that you have left out valuable details!

    As I started to analyze your report i realized that there is a possibility that there could be more to the story than first reported.

    with my years in broadcasting it was natural that I go to work and do my own investigative reporting on this event.

    What first caught my attention was right off the bat, your description of the neighborhood as "semi seedy" upon further investigation I have determined that this neighborhood where the "act" took place is seedy not semi!

    Next is your memory of the attendants speedo, you recall his was Blue! a detail that you include in your report and one that I find irrelevant?

    you use phrases in your report like "things got serious" and "i got drenched" and "easy speedo boy" when you are speedo boy too?

    the most alarming and shocking comments are "this was amazing" and "i was docile and submissive" and just let me close with this last statement of yours "he dried me up" that one my friend out of context is jaw dropper! haha

    Expect to see my full report sometime in mid January.

    love you guys and miss you much Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!