Saturday, November 7, 2009

Stuck in Johannesburg SA

Luca was comfortable during flight......good to be a kid! and don't ask where I was seating!
Fun time at Dubai comment

Days like the last 48h reminds you why travelling can be NOT fun at times!
After spending countless hours changing our tickets and waking up at 2am we arrive in JO_burg to discover that our connection to go to Cap town was impossible to make…..We were lied times afer times the last 2 days.(No wonder airlines get a bad reputation!)
SO far we have been clocking 50 hours of travel to go to Cape Town and are not there yet
We missed America the last couple days because 1 thing we have for sure in US is customer service! (or at least the illusion!)
From experiencing a French post office to our issues with various airlines/airport, we missed home! We have it good in US for customer service and we should appreciate it
Long story short: we are waiting for a availibity on next flight but should make it to destination tonight!

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