Saturday, November 21, 2009

Last few days in South Africa

Finally the weather turned around and we could enjoy South Africa the way it should be enjoyed!
We spent couple days in the wine countries (created by the French couple centuries ago) in Franshhoek!
This was very nice, we rented a little cottage and enjoyed the great wine and food!
Then we were back in Cape Town with perfect weather….What a difference it was, we climbed table mountain, were in a very vibrant downtown where we could tell that people were very excited about the summer.
I spent an Afternoon at Leatt Brace and learned a lot (Thanks Andreas) and we spent our final day going to Clifton beach and had a great evening and dinner with friends (expat) Erick and Mia.
South Africa grew on us slowly but surely! We really had a good time, met very friendly people with good lifestyle.
Yet, you can tell pretty easily that SA is facing some serious integration challenges!
It is still a very young country.
On our way to Dubai this afternoon

PS: Luca lost another tooth!

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