Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Dubai UAE (2)

Our short week in Dubai was exciting to say the least!
First this place is unreal (like it or not!) and we are not sure!
Dubai makes Las Vegas look like a little village...the sheer size of buildingss everywhere is mind bogling!
The sad note is of course all the temporary abandonned construction sites.
We checked the Atlantis, the Burb el Aral (Wing hotel!)ski dubai and a lot of great sunnt places!
We loved the weather and the people are very nice! We like the middle east but the absence of "female world" is strange!
Our stay was clouded by Luca's problem but our little trooper never lost his smile and everybody was so helpfull that we will most likely not remenber it as a bad time!

Tomorrow 8 hours to Paris , then to Italy for Genoa SX before going home to Maman for few days before Geneva Sx and couple weeks in Moroco!

We will be a bit quiet the next 10 days....

Dubai marina

Ski Dubai,yes htere a ski slope inside this building

Beautiful skyline

doggies in dubai

Surf in Dubai......water 90, air 92.......all good

Local playing footbal with his son

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