Monday, November 16, 2009

Oudtshoorn (klein Karoo) and surrounding

Today the Peronnard’s were on a mission. We were ready for action! We had looked so forward to shark diving but could not because of the weather. We were ready for some beach days but the weather brought cool temperatures and heavy winds. After finding the perfect place to stay at this point in our travels, an apartment where we could do our own cooking in the evening with a great feeling of home, we were inspired by the direction by our guest host to take a tour which included a breathtaking pass with shear cliffs and a narrow gravel road, a hike to a waterfall, a look at some ostrich farms and the finale, or the dessert as she called it, an adventure tour through a mile long grotto call Cango Caves. This was an unbelievable venture with very specific age and size requirements and you had to be in good shape and not claustrophobic. We climbed through tunnels that were only one foot high and tunnels that you could only get through by crawling with your body. It was challenging for all of us!! Exactly what we needed to make a great day!
PS: this cave system is advertised as the world best underground adventure without specific equipment! Liability America would have not allowed to do that for sure!)

Carol sliding gracefully out of a cave!
Luca getting out of a tight one.....
Cango cave
this formation is 800000 years old
Schwartberg pass, spectacular dirt road!
Prince Albert
Vlede waterfall
having lunch P style.......vegetables and coffee for Carol

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