Thursday, July 1, 2010

Welcome to Iceland (our 35th country and last new one)

After semi relaxing for few days and not travelling too much we got a wake up call today!
Wake up at 4 am then drove 7 hours to Paris airport, then 3 hours for check in, 4 hours flight and 1 hour drive to Rekjavik (Iceland capitol)
We had a slight change with the weather since we went from high 90 to mid 40 and a lot of rain!
This was a welcome cool down but maybe too much!
Finally we have found a REAL clean country! Not even a beer bottle on the road's shoulder!
It is so clean, so welcoming , did not even show our passport to enter country!
(on the dark side it is VERY expensive around here!)
By the way this is the land of the midnight sun, so we will not see darkness untill next week when we will get back to USA!
More Icelandic adventure to come......

Always surprising to have to step outside of an airplane without a jetway?

Nice Icelandic weather!

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