Friday, July 9, 2010

Driving down the East Coast and seeing great friends!

We left NYC looking forward to see friends Matt, Joann and family!
We ad such a good time enjoying this wonderfull family!
Then we got back in "good Ship lollypop" (our RV) for a few hours drive to Bevo Helen and family! Spent the evening at Knoebel family park and enjoyed the rides and our friends!
(this was the un-official end of our trip since Bevo asked us to do so!lol)
Finally we drove to Charlotte NC we we spent an evening with our friend Justin!
We got treated like royalty everywhere and friends made us feel so good to be back in home countries!(thanks to all of you thruout the trip!)
At the end of the day, friends and family are #1 wherever you are and fortunateny we had some everywhere in the world!
We are now back in Florida but not home yet!
We will be spending the Week end at a RV park on the beach couple hours from home just to get ready for final landing! (St Augustine)
55 weeks ago , we started our trip with a week end on Florida beach on other coast (Destin)! we are almost back to square 1!

Leaving NYC

The Trattner's pet on Alec's back!

Bevo HQ!

Justin in Charlotte in front of JGR!

Kids having fun!

Florida sceneries

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