Friday, July 2, 2010

Rekjavik and Blue Lagoon

What a difference a day make!
We woke up quite early today due to no darkness/jetlag and went right away for an exploration of the Capitol city Rekjavik!
The weather was quite perfect, low 60s but does not get much better around here!
Rekjavik is very hip and trendy with a lot of boutiques coffee places and other restaurants that would have their place in any other capitol city!
Then we drove 1 hour out of town to discover the blue lagoon (Arguably the most famous spot in Iceland)
A big thermal salt water lake with temperature ranging from 96 to 100 full of silica is the back drop of this water attraction!
After paying a quite hefty fee (over $40 PP) we entered the locker room where everybody (in a pure scandinavian way) was undressed and not caring about it!
It did not surprise me but our 2 young boys were terrorised by the scenery! LOL
They found a private locker to change to realize a minute later than you could enter the pool only after a shower with NO swim suits!.....this was very funny!
We enjoyed the water and silica mud for hours and felt cleaner than whistles!
To finish the day well, Luca and I went for a hike in a Lava fied full of crevasses, tunnels and trenches!

Rekjavik grafitis

Blue Sky in downtown

They like big 4x4 in Iceland too!

On our way to Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon

Iceland country scenery

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