Sunday, July 4, 2010

Geyser and wilderness!

Iceland is awesome!
I knew that from 30 years ago when I came for the first time but the second time is even better!
It is like the Switzerland of Scandinavia with very nice people, very educated and clean!
Being here made us realize how the rest of the world is dirty and polluted!
Glad we came here last!
Definitely the place to run to when the end of the world is near…….
But don’t tell anyone! LOL
We went to Geysir where the name Geyser came from and enjoyed a lot of bubbling action without much restriction! ( we could stand 20 feet away of a “old faithful” type of Geyser without any guards!)
It does not look like they have many lawyers around here!
Then we went to Gullfoss which were the biggest waterfall I had seen when I visited Iceland my first time! The falls looked smaller after 30 years of travel but still very spectacular!
The overall scenery is unbelievable! Glaciers , lakes and tundra everywhere!
Only a 5 hours flight from NYC makes it (in our mind) a much better choice than Alaska, Alps or Patagonia....
If you like Mountain wilderness you owe it to yourself to visit Iceland!
In 24 h we will be in NYC!
Can not see a more drastic change than the one we are getting ready to experience……..
From nature at it’s best to a concrete jungle!

Couple sheeps caught in a cave!

Beautiful horses headed for........Icelandic restaurants!


Little viking!


Snowboard flintstone worked and was a lot of fun!

Kayaking in Iceland! looks real fun!

Geyser action!

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  1. Hi! I thought your journey and travel through all those countries were amazing!