Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Discovering the sea of Cortez coast (Biking and Kayaking)

3 days of discoveries in one of the cleanest ecosystem left on the planet:
The Sea of Cortez!
We enjoyed dearly the end of our Mexican trip!
Tomorrow we will start slowly to get back to Florida after leaving 8 month ago!
We are excited and not at the same time! Strange feeling!
Anyway, we had 3 great days enjoying the beauty of the area….biking, hiking and Kayaking (and eating plenty of fish Taco!)lol
Mexico is not the farthest destination we went to but the people are so nice and the culture so rich! No wonder 1 million American have moved here for retirement or else!
We could easily spend 6 month around here but South America is waiting for us….. or at least we hope so!
Adios Amigos

We had noodle boy......welcome taco boy!

Alec discovering that you should not pet a cactus

Boys doing art work at the beach

Kayaking the sea of Cortez

3 pounds of Fresh yellow tail....yammy

Boys discovering a Hammock!

Great biking!

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