Sunday, February 7, 2010

Colonial Mexico

Welcome to colonial Mexico
The last couple days we entered the world of old mexico with 2 beautiful towns ! originally built in the 1600 by Spanish conquistadors then later on upgraded by the French!
Alamos was definitely our favorite with a completely restored city very refined! Upscale hotels and restaurant everywhere, lots of Hacienda….. real special and classy!
No wonder the Hollywood elite was used to spend their winter here in the 50’!
El Fuerte on the other hand was more vibrant and dirty ! Not polished at all nor restored but more lively!
This was a turning point in our trip since we entered a Mexico less visited by tourists (barely saw a gringo!)

El Fuerte

How cool is that, we visited an old printing business....real vintage
El fuerte river

Alamos was the capitol of Western Mexico for couple hundreds years!

Coblestones very kind to our RV! but very cool!

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