Sunday, January 3, 2010

A week end at JMB (very dangerous!)

Today was a very fun day! Went and spent a day with friend Jean Michel Bayle (JMB)and friend PC!
First a morning ride in the mountains surrounding his area...technical and fun riding CRF 250's and very cold.....our hight was 30 degrees F. Crashed twice but it was so much fun! thanks Jean Mi! then after lunch,JMB decided to teach us how to ride a car on 2 wheels! We spent all afternoon learning the tricks and felt like we were in a Nitro circus show....
Check first video below (the lowest one) then the second and be ready for a laugh! It is me learning the ropes...........JMB was a king and PC much better than me but I got the best laugh!


  1. Eric I am so jealous...JMB is a true hero to me...this guy did it all, MX, SX, Road Race 500GP etc...and now he is teaching you the French version of the Dukes of Hazzard...Dammit when is it my turn? this is great stuff, keep it up!